Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monday Mention - Earth to Alice Boards 'n Bags

Earth to Alice offers beautiful custom made, hand crafted bags and jewelry boards. They use high-quality materials (some of which are even recycled materials!) and donate $1 of every purchase to the Earth through their Alice to Earth program. Each of Alice's bags and totes are unique in that they are made with reclaimed coffee bags and have a one-of-a-kind stamp and print! How cool is that?!

"Who is Alice anyway? Think of Alice as your sensible but stylish alter-ego that is begging for some order in the chaos of your life. With each Earth to Alice purchase, you will find yourself feeling a bit less frazzled and a little more grounded. We offer not only a greener way to shop, but a personalized approach to your shopping experience. Instead of choosing a product that every other Sue or Jane is sporting, Alice gives you the option to customize your order from start to finish. You are one of a kind, why shouldn't your accessories be too!? "

 ~Earth to Alice

Meet Erin Goodman, co-owner of Earth to Alice:

What inspired you all to start this business? Collectively Sunshine, Jennifer and I were in pursuit of starting a business inspired by creativity and giving back.  When Jennifer had found a solution to an every girl problem, the tangled jewelry woes, I knew that we had found our path.  We initially started solely with jewelry boards when Sunshine became obsessed with the idea of using recycled coffee bags as a basis in her own line of bags 'n totes.  We all agreed that something we craved when shopping on line was the option to create our own personalized products, so we decided that customization was the way to go!  We've always lived by the notion that you get what you give, which is what inspired our Alice to Earth charity.  For each purchase, we donate a $1 to Kids Cafe.  Just $1 feeds one hungry belly!

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?  If you keep the customer in the forefront of your mind when making business decisions, you will always come out on top.

What is your most popular product? Everyday Emily in “Sophia Black” and the All Around Alice in burlap


If there was one thing you could have people say about your company, what would it be? That we are true to our word and we always look out for the best interest of the customer.

What product of yours are YOU most fond of and why?   The All Around Alice Board in “Viceroy Black” with black hardware and a black frame or the Run Around Sue Bag in “It's a Hoot”

Do you have a promotion you would like to offer our fans? From now through Mother's Day we are offering $15 off of any item. Enter 'mommylove' at checkout!
Twitter: @Earth2Alice

Tell us which Earth to Alice product is YOUR favorite in the comment section below. And don't forget to drop by their Facebook Page and show them some "Likey" love!


  1. Oh I rarely wear earrings- but if I did I would totally want one of those boards. Those are awesome

    1. You can hang anything on their beautiful boards! I need one for my necklaces and bracelets....they're always getting tangled.

  2. I love Earth to Alice products. My board has been a life saver.

  3. What incredibly cute bags! I think the Paula Revere in Ojai Red is my fave... Adding it to my wish list!

  4. Love the Lazy Susan bag!

  5. Wow...great products! Those boards are amazing. I think I need to do some shopping!

  6. Great products and also cute! I love the earrings board! it would help with keeping mine organized and in pairs! something I should've had yesterday when I couldn't find one of my pairs.

  7. Oh, I love the interview with Earth to Alice. They're such a great company =) I need to get one of their jewelry boards.

  8. Those are beautiful! Must put on my Mother's day list!