Friday, September 14, 2012

NewGreens Review and Giveaway! CLOSED

NewGreens, by Pure Prescriptions, is a dietary supplement that increases the intake of antioxidants and other nutrients that are deficient in our daily diets. It is loaded (Wait until you see just how loaded!) with antioxidants and nutrients that "improve gastrointestinal function and detoxification like probiotics, enzymes, fiber and ingredients that are known to support liver function." Phew! A lot of big important words there!   Did you know that "less than 25% of the population actually consumes an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables, and antioxidants are in short supply in most people’s diet."?  Yikes!   I'm not going to throw anyone under the bus, or anything, but I'd say there are quite a few of us that could benefit greatly from these products....just sayin'! ;-)

I was stoked to have been given an opportunity to try out NewGreens, and I have to say, it did not disappoint.  Before we get to all that, though, how about a little info about the different products they have to offer......You're going to love all this goodness.

  • Each Convenient Pouch Contains a 30 Day Supply
  • Seven Healthy Blends Featuring 66 Ingredients In One
  • Non-GMO & Certified Organic Fruits & Vegetables Used
  • Increases Energy - Great For Weight Management*
  • Promotes Body Detoxification & pH Balance*
  • Powerful Antioxidant (ORAC) Value
Price: $39.97

  • 15-PLUS Servings of Antioxidant Power -Perfect For Those On The Run & Who Do Not Eat 5 or More Servings of Fruits & Vegetables per Day!
  • Natural & Healthy Organic Ingredients
  • Will Give You A Healthy Energy Lift - Without The "Jitters"
  • Features Antioxidant Rich SuperFruits Açaí and Goji Berries
Price: $44.97

  • Each Canister Contains a 30 Day Supply
  • 100% Certified Organic Green Drink
  • Promotes Energy & Mental Clarity*
  • Body Detoxification & pH Balance*
  • Tastes Great & Mixes Easily - No More Clumpy Green Drinks!
Price: $49.97

**For more nutritional info on each of the products, just visit their website.  Each product page has a massive nutritional label for you to read.....the ultimate in full disclosure, people! Love it!**

As I mentioned before, I was super lucky (and super excited!) to be asked to try out one of their products and it turned out to be the Berry flavor that I got to put to the test.  And, boy was I ready...especially since I had been feeling a bit under the weather due to some recent traveling. 

So, let's get down to business.....
The suggested use (which was the same for each product): "Add one scoop to 10-12 oz. of juice, cold water or your preferred milk such as rice, almond or soy. Mix well. Enjoy at least once a day!"  

Alright, easy enough.
I chose to mix with milk the first day.  Using the nifty little shaker that came with the pouch, I carefully measured out 10oz of milk and added one scoop of powder....

 ...then shook crazy....because I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical as to the blend-ability of it....of ANY greens drink, for that matter.  Trust me when I say that I've had my fair share of nasty drinks, which has left me very hesitant when it comes to that first sip.  Enough about my strange quirks, though....THIS is what came out of that shaker....


.....Holy mother of creaminess!   Win #1....There was NOT. A. LUMP. to be found in the glass nor in the bottom of the shaker. (If you've ever made a greens drink before than you know what I'm talking about when I mention the bottom of the shaker. lol ) Everything about the consistency was perfect.

Win #2 was the taste.  It was a great balance of Berry flavor without being over sweet.  I don't know about you, but I feel there is such thing as being too sweet....and this was not it.  For me, this would be a great option for a meal on the go.

Because I'm not always looking for something heavy, or to replace a meal completely, I was definitely looking forward to trying NewGreens with water, too.  I was excited to see if it blended as well and if it was just as tasty.  So, the next day I added my 10 ounces of water and one scoop of Berry powder to the shaker; gave a less vigorous shake (see, already my confidence in NewGreens was growing!), and to my surprise, it was JUST AS SMOOTH!  I found this mixture to have the same taste and consistency as a bottle of flavored water you'd pick up at the grocery store.  It was refreshing with just the right amount of flavor....again, not too sweet or overbearing.

On top of the NewGreens Berry tasting so great, I noticed (almost immediately) that I had more energy and also that my head cold didn't linger around as long as it usually does.  One of the ways that the energy boost was so obvious to me was because I made the mistake of enjoying a refreshing Berry drink a little to close to bedtime....and as you can imagine, I had a late night....a very productive night...but a late night none the less.  I guess I should have paid a little more attention to that "New Greens Berry also features our Energizing Herbal Blend, which uses traditional herbs and extracts to enhance stamina and energy, with out the jitters of caffeine." part.  :-/

So, final grade...A+++!  I really look forward to finishing off my 30 day supply and enjoying all the added energy that is going to come with it!  Maybe this is just the nudge I need to help shed those stubborn...ehem...20 pounds that I've been trying to shed for months now.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! ;-)

Are you ready to start adding more fruits and veggies into your diet too! Pure Prescriptions, maker of NewGreens, has generally offered to send one lucky Creative Travel Mugs fan a pouch of NewGreens Superfood Drink!  

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Disclaimer: Pure Prescriptions provided me with this product to review. The views and opinions expressed within this post and regarding this product are mine and mine alone.

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